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Phage Preparation Effective Against Shigella spp.

ShigaShield™ is an all-natural, non-chemical antimicrobial preparation for controlling the foodborne/waterborne bacterial pathogen Shigella. The active ingredients of ShigaShield™ are naturally occurring lytic bacteriophages that selectively and specifically kill Shigella, including strains belonging to the three major disease-causing species S. flexneri, S. sonnei and S. dysenteriae.

ShigaShield™ is specifically designed for treating foods that are at high risk for Shigella contamination including ready-to-eat meat and poultry, fish (including smoked fish), shellfish, fresh and processed fruits and vegetables, and dairy products including cheese. SalmoFresh™ is the choice for eliminating or significantly reducing contamination of food with Shigella because it:

Scientific Literature

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